FileMaker technical support issues

Discussion created by douglerner on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by dburnham

We have issues with FileMaker technical support. A typical example was a reply I got today to a question I asked online a while ago about some problem we are having. I have a few of these support requests out.


My problems with support are:


1. Sometimes I don't get a confirmation of my support request.


2. If I do get a confirmation, it doesn't include a link to any support ticket or content of the support request.


3. When I finally got an answer to one today, the reply didn't contain any context at all. Nothing about what my support request was about, an incomplete subject title (Subject- We are having a problem connecting to the) so I couldn't even guess which request it was, and there was no link to a support ticket so I could review the request, etc.


Am I doing something wrong, or is that just the situation with FM technical support? Is there a place I can go to to review my support tickets and reply online, so I can at least match up the case numbers with a request and read over the history of it? I can't seem to find such a place online to check my tickets. The email I got back from FM didn't contain any such link.