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Oracle ODBC not connecting

Question asked by mrweb on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by beverly

Ciao, I have this setup:



Thru ODBC Manager I've created A connection using the Unicode Driver

Schermata 2018-01-05 alle 09.12.08.png

I've set the DNS with this settings:

Schermata 2018-01-05 alle 09.13.48.png

I then Connected FMP thru the External Database Source manager:

Schermata 2018-01-05 alle 09.20.20.png

Schermata 2018-01-05 alle 09.20.23.png

Then in the Database Manager I added a relationship getting it from the ODBC source:


Schermata 2018-01-05 alle 09.22.15.png


The result I get is a "Query in progress" window:

Schermata 2018-01-05 alle 09.26.58.png

At it's end I get this error:

Schermata 2018-01-05 alle 09.30.24.png


I've tried checking the credentials and everything is ok. I'm saying the credentials an data are ok because I did the same exacts steps with the "Actual Technologies ODBC Open Soure DB Connection" found here: Software downloads: Mac ODBC connectivity by Actual Technologies and everything works perfectly.


What can be wrong?