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Discussion created by DanielShanahan on Jan 5, 2018
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Layout objects disappear when I go into Layout Mode.  The only things that remains are field borders and the Quick Find magnifying glass icon.  Labels, merge fields, field names inside the field (layout mode), data inside field (browse mode), and button bar objects disappear (see attached images).


To Replicate:

The issue is random as far as I can tell.  It happens when I go back and forth from browse mode to layout mode and work in several layouts.  It doesn't happen right away.  Today I was able to work for 15 minutes before it happened.  Yesterday it was more like 45 minutes.


FM Version:



OS Version:

Mac Sierra 10.12.6


Hosted or Not Hosted:

This occurs on both hosted and not hosted files.  The screenshots are local files (not hosted).  I have a similar file hosted on a dedicated server with FMPHost (not sure what versions of Windows Server they use as a VM).


I can send the file to you if that's helpful.


Browse Mode:


Browse Mode after disappearance:


Layout Mode:



Layout Mode after disappearance: