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Data structure question

Question asked by yodavish on Jan 5, 2018
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Hello FM Community,


I'm still learning FM and had a newbie question in regards to best practice in regards to the data structure which affects my interface build.


I took on an existing FM project and I'm trying to build on top of it. The data structure is as follow (I think you guys call it web string design?)




With that data structure, my issue is this when I create a record:


Study A

Site A

Contact A


****New Record****

Study B

Site A

*"Contact A" is displayed here, since it was previously linked to Site A but we do not want it here.


How can I use "Site A" but allow it to have new tables associate to it thereafter like the "Contacts table". I think the answer is to associate all the remaining tables to the "StudySiteInnerJoin" table rather the Site table? Or just remove the inner join table, but then we would have multiples of the same site like "Site A".


Thanks in advance,