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Can I make exceptions to the rule in a database?

Question asked by ahamel on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by philmodjunk


Every two weeks we hold classes for new employees. The classes are held in the same location, on the same day, and time every two weeks. So if Class A happens on Tuesday at 2pm, I can calculate the date (thank you philmodjunk!) based on the date of the first day of that week which is stored in a table.


Two or three times a year there is an exception to the above because of a holiday – either on a Monday or, in the case of Thanksgiving, a Thursday and we need to shuffle the class days and times around.  Is it even possible to make exceptions when using a database? Our current method of registering people for classes is in an Excel file with spreadsheets for each week. We cannot use one file for the whole year as it gets too cumbersome and (due to calculations on every sheet) too memory-intensive and crashes.

I want to be able to pull all kinds of reports – class rosters, schedules for students, schedules for instructors, calendar views for rooms, etc. Each piece of information has its own table. The first date of every class week, a table of classes, a table of students, a table of roles, which is how we know which classes a student needs – mapping roles to classes. I think I have the data set up right (mostly), but I don’t know how to handle the exceptions. Is it even possible?

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