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Send message script step from FM 15 not working on FM 16.

Question asked by PecCars on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by mikebeargie

Send message script step from FM 15 not working on FM 16.


Hi support and philmodjunk,


I am migrating an application from FM 15 to FM 16 and am having trouble with the Send message script step. In some cases it is not working anymore. In one case I am getting the error: 1634 A certification verification error has occurred.


A couple of comments on this:

- The email settings are correct, I have double checked them and am able to send emails from the account with the same settings as included in the FM script step Send Message

- New Send Message script step: in order to rule out any errors, I have generated a new Send Message step in the script from scratch.

- The email settings were working in FM 15 for years

- A new certificate has been issued for that domain recently, which is what I suspect the error message is originating


Perhaps FM is taking the old certificate settings for this domain, I am assuming it must be in some sort of FM cache if such a thing exists. In which case the question is: what is the best way of resetting the cache.


I am using now FM Pro Advanced


Kindly advise.