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Win-FM16-client with login problems on Win-server2012SE-FM14.0.4a-server

Question asked by ChristianNissen on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by ChristianNissen

I need the enhanced functionality of FM16 compared to FM14 for programming purposes. However our MS-server does not support FM16.

According to Filemaker FM16-clients should run fine on a FM14.0.4a-server, but when the security system (not allowing most users to change forms f.ex.) is activated thus the need for a loginid/password arises. It does not work any more?



The system is in swedish, the translation of the err-mess is "Used accountname and password cn not be used to access this file. Try again." when accessed from the host tab.


When tried from another FM16-klient on the same LAN the err-mess is somewhat different.



This err-mess says "Your credentials does not allow this"


When accessed by a FM16-klient on a local machine (thus using the machine as a local FM16-server) the same solution works fine.


Is it JUST the security system that does not work and are there any known workarounds?


The solution long term, is of course to upgrade the hardware and the MS-server OS (so that it can handle FM16-serverSW, but thats in the budget for end of 2018) and not possible now.