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Payroll Report from Work Order table

Question asked by johnabobst on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by mikebeargie

Hello and thanks in advance for your help,


I am trying to create a payroll report, using a Work Order (WO) file.  I would like the report to display the following things.


Daily Overtime:    

Weekly Overtime:

Pay period start and end date:

Total pay period hours

Total pay period overtime

If any work orders within a day overlap (This is not as important, and was thinking of just having conditional formatting highlight these red)


The fields in WO that I'd like to use are, ServiceTech, Date, TimeIn, TimeOut, TotalService (The duration of the workorder).


Honestly, I've been reading lots of documentation, but I'm still not really sure how to go about doing this.  Do I create a new Table with the fields I want and relate it to WO table, should I make a whole new Pay Roll file and relate that to the WO file.  Which fields should I join?  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!