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Image storage - Reference vs Secured vs Open

Question asked by jimotoole on Jan 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by Daniel Farnan

I have thousands of photos (jpg's ranging in size from 4 - 25 MB) currently stored on a NAS in a fairly flat structure in which the folders are numbered and each file within is named such that I can easily identify the raw file it originated from and the folder it is stored within such that whenever an order is received, or if I am just looking for a particular file, I can very easily retrieve it. Given the storage is a NAS which is a no-no from FM's point of view, I am trying to determine the best method/location for the storage of these images as I extend their use from just storage to a FM database containing a lot of data about the image including EXIF data, weather conditions, general notes, etc which will be accessible via a browser or FM Go.


I started off just using a reference but understand this method will disappear in the future so moved to embedding the files only to find that the first 100 files took the size to about 560 MB. I have read just about everything I can lay my hands on and am trying to understand the difference and advantages/disadvantages between secure and open storage (except for the obvious differences in encryption and security). As the database is running on FMS 16, it would seem that the data must reside on the server and as upgrading its storage would be no great drama I have thought about moving the images (jpg's only) from the NAS to the server. I had thought I might be better off using thumbnails and only loading the full image on request but as I want a fairly good image presented to the user in the first instance, there might not be much saving and I gather I would have to have the full images on the server anyway.


Any thoughts on what might be the best way to go?