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Limit to records retrieved from MySQL ESS?

Question asked by ruehli on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by ruehli

We are using FileMaker Pro Advanced version and FileMaker Server version


We have set up the ODBC Driver from Actual Technologies and created a system DSN for the MySQL Database we want to connect to.


We have our FileMaker solution file on the server and configured the MySQL ESS.

I access the file from my local machine using FMP Advanced.


I have one table containing user data (like real name, email, etc) that I just want to use as is, so I added it from the ESS to the relationship graph in database management.

I created a table layout for this table. It shows 995 records. (Also after Refresh Window)

When I connect to the database with SequelPro, I see 1671 records.


My DB admin says he does not see any error messages on the DB server.

We do not see any (data) issue in the records that were not retrieved.

The server log files do not indicate any issue either.


Any ideas where the limitation in records retrieved might come from? I did not see any place in the configuration where a limit or filter might be set.


Also, if this is a bug, how would I go about finding out which component (MySQL, ODBC driver, FM server, FM client) is the culprit?


Thanks in advance for any help.