FM Runtime from Mac to HP Windows 10 Incompatible

Discussion created by dchaley369 on Jan 8, 2018
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Some days the dog is nice, some days he bites..


OK, created the runtime on my mac using FM 16 Advanced, loaded it on my HP PC running Windows 10 & FM 16 Advanced and created the runtime, created the exe script/file using Inno Setup.

Ran the exe setup all was well.

Attempted to launch the Runtime, nothing.... ouch

Checked the Microsoft.net files good there, checked the bit version of the runtime 64 matches the system.

Ran the windows find out what is wrong thing and get the message


"INCOMPATIABLE PROGRAM" went to the bone... ouch...


I must confess I have never created a Runtime for Windows so  I am lost.

I have run FM with Windows for years.


Any and I mean any help would be greatly appreciated!


Limping but still alive! Someone Please have mercy and throw me a bone so I can get this mad dog off me!