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Auto fill data issues...

Question asked by tristan_jackson on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by tristan_jackson

Hey crew,


First of all, this is the best community support I have ever experienced and I would be so lost without you guys... so to that.. Many thanks!!!


Now for the task at hand: I am trying to auto-fill a field by having it reference an "Assigned Role". 

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3.27.32 PM.png



This Vendor has been assigned a "Review" task so the time card data needs to auto-fill the referenced "Standard rate" they have been assigned with. 


Vendors have four different tasks with four different rates so I'm thinking I need to use a "Case" calculation, yet when I create the calculation, nothing happens. 


Here's the calculation:

Case ( MT_VendorTimeBilling::Area of Responsibility = "Lead" ; T01b1a1_project_phases_VENDORS||employee_roster|::LeadCost ; MT_VendorTimeBilling::Area of Responsibility = "Training" ; T01b1a1_project_phases_VENDORS||employee_roster|::TrainingCost ; MT_VendorTimeBilling::Area of Responsibility = "Standard" ; T01b1a1_project_phases_VENDORS||employee_roster|::StandardCost ; MT_VendorTimeBilling::Area of Responsibility = "Review" ; T01b1a1_project_phases_VENDORS||employee_roster|::ReviewCost )


Thank you for all your support.