Returning to FileMaker after hiatus

Discussion created by yzyngy on Jan 9, 2018
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I began using FileMaker in the mid-1990s (anyone remember Claris?). My files primarily were for keeping track of 1) customers, 2) products, 3) product endorsements or accolades, 4) sales of those products to customers. I also built files to 1) archive wines tasted by my monthly tasting group, 2) track student attendance and grades for the college class I conducted for a few years, and 3) my personal collection of audio CDs. Through many revisions of my files, I upgraded my FM app until I reached version 10, around 2009.


I'm no longer selling or calling on customers, nor teaching a class, so those files are archived. iTunes is much better at organizing my music collection. My monthly wine tasting group is still going. I also have a part-time job as Wine Director for a group of three local restaurants. I recommend wines for inclusion on one or more lists and also design the actual wine lists, using FileMaker to format them. This is a huge advantage over


I thought I could get by through the modest needs of my retirement years without having to upgrade my mid-2009 MacBook Pro, but two changes in 2017 prompted me to buy a refurbished MacBook Pro in December. My old laptop began losing battery life and having intermittent fits of digital dementia. Also, my income status changed in 2017 from consultant (business expense write-offs) to salaried employee.


Now, because I want to be able to use FM Go on my iPhone to update records, I need to upgrade my FM version and seek advice. Is FM12 the way to go?