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Memory Issue - Web Viewer - No Garbage Collection

Question asked by lewisdiamond on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by TSGal

Hello fellow Filemaker Devs!! Happy New Year!


Looking for a resolution...


Currently using:


Filemaker Server

Filemaker Pro Advanced 15.0.3

Filemaker Pro 16.0.3


I currently use a display screen Filemaker Pro 16.0.3 that every 5 minutes refreshes web viewers with doughnut charts from the JS D3 library.

Upon each refresh ~10MB of memory is accumulated in Filemaker.

After an entire day this eventually approaches the display screens limit as you would expect.


Are we expecting a patch for this anytime soon?


Work around solutions currently are not acceptable in the long term.


For example, a python script that closes filemaker and then reopens it every 5 hours or something to that affect.


If you have any better solutions in the meantime please let me know.


Closing the window and waiting does not refresh Filemakers memory. The application closing is the only way currently.


Kind regards



Lewis Diamond