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FMS 16 Connection Issue

Question asked by joshdpalmer on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by joshdpalmer

We’ve just moved our office to a new location and I’m having issues connecting to FMS 16.

Filemaker Pro clients can connect over our LAN but cannot over WAN. I’ve setup port forwarding on the router to the Mac mini running FMS but get “Connection failed” when I connect to our WAN IP address. When I run a port scan on our WAN address, port 5003 is open and returns (fmpro-internal).


Things I’ve tried to resolve the issue

  1. Reinstall FMS 16
  2. Reinstall FPA 16
  3. New network cables
  4. Called ISP to see if there was any possible blocks on IP address
  5. Turned off firewall on the router completely


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mac mini running FMS - macOS 10.12.6

IMac Running FPA - macOS  10.13.2