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FM Go + JPG files on server

Question asked by Jean-Francois on Jan 9, 2018
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FMS14 on WindowsServer 2012


On the desktop version I use a plugin called MooPlug to verify if a JPG (or PDF) file is on our shared network and use that to conditional format a button, and based on that if the user wants to see the file, click on it and it will load the file.


I do not wish to import those JPG into the solution as those files are also used by another application and it's about 100,000 files.


When I use FMGo, I managed to create a script that will display those files on the mobile app with an app called HFS installed on the file server so I can access files via HTTP.


My question is how can I do the same on FMGo change the color of the button if the file exists or not and prevent the script from running if the file is not present on the server ?


Any way to return true or false if file loaded in a webviewer??