Filtered ValueList Based on Characters Typed

Discussion created by tcwaters on Jan 9, 2018
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I'm working on a solution that is deployed via WebDirect. There is no way around that. The functionality I want is similar to something seen frequently in mobile apps.


What I want: You know how in Instagram (maybe other tools as well) when you start typing a hashtag, it gives you a filtered list of hashtags to select from? That's the type of functionality I am looking to create.


I have a list of "keywords" and I'm populating a join table via a portal and related records.  What I'd like is, as a person begins to type in the field Session_Keyword: Keyword, they get a valueless that filters based on the characters entered.


Is this just a matter of employing Type Ahead, or other FMPro tool? I found this discussion in my searching: So, maybe e this is all I need to do, but thought I'd ask before I dug in.