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Greetings, Forum!


I am trying to get started building some SOAP interaction into an FM16 database. There is a great deal of helpful info on this forum and elsewhere about using HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST with either of the BaseElements or MBS plugins. There is one wrinkle that I have encountered, though: in the specification for the SOAP interaction, I found the following:


"The transport method supported is SSL-encrypted HTTP. Web service calls using HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST are not currently supported (this might change in the future as REST Web Services become more widely supported) and not documented in this standard."


So if I can't use HTTP-GET or HTTP-POST, what CAN I do? I already have the calculations and scripting in place to generate most of the XML (from a previous effort where the data was sent from FileMaker as XML files to upload), but now they're insisting on direct system-system transfers using these:


• XML 1.0;

• SOAP 1.2;

• HTTP 1.1; and

• WSE Authentication Headers. (version 3.0)

• Standard Authentication Headers

• Custom Headers


So is there a reference or tutorial that can get me started without HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST?


All assistance gratefully received.