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corrupted table issue: ideas on what might have happened?

Question asked by JamesPickett on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Johan Hedman

I am using FM 14.0.6 on a Mac (working between two computers), and have been having issues with lost data due with alarming frequency, quite possibly related to syncing via Box.


Does anyone recognize this issue, a catastrophically corrupted table?:



Previously that was a healthy relational table, and then *poof*, gone. I've managed to recover the data, but would like to understand what happened.


Some other pieces of information that may be relevant:

  • It may not be a coincidence that on this particular table I had to replace some unique IDs manually following a merge. I thought I had worked out the issue without any duplicate UIDs...
  • Or the issue may be related to Box syncing, which has been buggy lately. For instance, Box cannot sync the corrupted version of the file (I had to go back several versions to restore); and, previously, I had some issues with Box creating a duplicate file with my username in the title.


Any help is most appreciated.