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Creating a template / copying a portal information

Question asked by mersim95 on Jan 10, 2018
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Hello Everyone,


Working on a project for my company but since am new to filemaker i am trying to do something that looks to be out of my skills.
So i have a layout, Inspection Layout where i can store my Inspection Information, the view will be provided with a photo so you can all understand.
There i have two buttons, CreateTemplate and Use Template.
The thing is that i want the use to create his first Inspection form and after he does that he can save the inspection form as a template, and later when he creates a new Inspection he can use a template from before.


the inspection orders and everything that goes on with the proccess are stored with a portal.
Basically i want the portal to be copied with CreateTemplate and then when i click Use Template the portal complites automatically with the information from the template .
Please if someone has any ideas can help.