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FileMaker Server licensing

Question asked by IanJempson on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by IanJempson

We're moving from a site license to an AVLA. We've got three servers: production, development, and one for a small web direct site used by 10 suppliers of ours.


I've just been told by FileMaker sales that we're going to need to uninstall everything and then reinstall it with the new license keys. The IT department will need to redo their updater packages and roll out the FIleMaker Pro clients.


Is it possible to simply update the license keys on the servers? I could do without needing to go through the enormous hassle of scheduling down-time, persuading the IT dept to work on a weekend, uninstalling the servers, reinstall the servers, then all the pain of persuading the certificates to work again.


I've found this link but it only mentions upgrading from a trial and changing the user connections limit.