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Authentication Failed Log Entry Inconsistency

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by philmodjunk

I'm trying to rule out all possible causes other than user error as to why a new user can't log in and sync her iOS device's data with our server. I found logs of her failed attempts to log in, but the entries are not consistent.


Some read:

"....Authentication Failed on Database "YYY.fmp12" Using "BB [fmApp]"


Others read:

"....Authentication Failed on Database "YYY.fmp12" Using "CCCCC [fmApp]"


This is an externally authenticated account and "BB" appears to be the FMP account name while "CCCC" is the AD account name. I say "appears to be the FMP account name" because a coworker set up this account name and privilegeset to both have the same name (happen's to be user's job description) so maybe it's really the privilege set name.


Anyone have any clue as to why all of this user's failed attempts were logged as "BB" except for one time that it came up "CCCCC"?


Using a windows server with FMS 13.