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Can Filemaker 16 WebDirect Save to PDF on iOS Safari?

Question asked by TravisButler on Jan 9, 2018
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I have a situation where we're building a webapp in WebDirect 16, replacing an earlier webapp developed outside the company. There are several reports users need to run, and I've handled that through Save Records as PDF.


This works well enough on desktop browsers. However, we have one user who wants to access these reports on Safari on an iPad running iOS 10. While normally Safari will let you download a linked PDF by long-pressing on a PDF line and hitting Share - or by tapping the link, letting the PDF open in a new tab, then tapping More - neither of these options works with Save Records as PDF. When I open the WebDirect interface on an iPad running iOS 10, and hit the button that triggers the 'Save to PDF' script, it processes for a moment and then returns to the calling layout without any apparent action. I've tried going into iTunes to see if it might have saved the PDF in Safari's data storage silo, but iTunes won't read Safari's silo. (And it wouldn't really matter anyway, because the user is on an iPad because they don't have a standard desktop computer.)


There's also a native Filemaker Go interface to the app, but it's meant for a different set of users and built off a completely different set of TO's, and I'd have to do a fair amount of rejiggering to make the web reports available from the iOS interface (not to mention walling off the information for FMGo users from the webapp users). (In short, the webapp is designed for contractors to enter timesheet information, while the FMGo section is for the area managers in charge of the contractors.) So while FMGo might be a long-term solution, I don't have time to do anything with it at the moment.


Any suggestions? Anyone know what happens when you Save as PDF in WebDirect on iOS? The WebDirect documentation only references PDFs in container files on mobile browsers.