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Repeating field question....

Question asked by JodieWeston on Jan 10, 2018
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Help, please...


I'm taking over the build of a database with an existing 1800 records.  My boss would like me to change the 'repeating field' into a separate table. We would then access the data via a portal. Does anyone know how to:


A:  Export the contents of a repeating field, so each row is exported as a separate row in Excel?


B: Create a calculation that displays a certain row within the Repeating field? As in:


Repeating field:

Cat (row1)

Dog (row2)

Pig (row3)

Elephant (row4)


Calculation field to contain row 3 only:



I would very much appreciate any assistance...


I found out how to do it:


     To export repeating field values into formats that don't support repeating fields:

     1. In the FileMaker Pro file, find the records you want to export.
     2. Make a clone of the file to export.
     3. Open the clone, then import the data from the original file.
     4. In the Additional Import Options dialog box, select Splitting them into separate records, then click OK.
     5. Export from this clone file to SYLK, WKS, and DBF formats.

Alternatively, you can import into t a new table.