Creating Sub Summary With Field That Has Multiple Values

Discussion created by laguna92651 on Jan 10, 2018
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I have a set of Sales Opportunities, that contains the normal sales prospect information, sales amount, product of interest, Account name etc.

Each Sales Opportunity has a sequence of sales stages associated with it. Initial Contact, Review, Demo, Financial Info, Final Review & Final Presentation. A couple more stages could be added over time.


For each Sales Opportunity I would like to track which of these six stages have actually been completed.Looking forward I am probably going to want to capture the date of stage completion also.

I've looked at the Filemaker Hacks Magic Key article that that stores multiple values into a checkbox field with a script that then parses the data to a separate table but am have some difficultly getting it to work properly. Is there some other approach I should consider? Should I use separate fields for each stage or store multiple values in one field?


The desired end result is a sub summary report that shows the Sales Opportunities by stages completed and a second sub summary that would show the Sales Opportunities by stages not completed.


I'm looking for 1) some suggestions on approach to implement this, 2) ideas on the user interface to enter the stages as completed. Right now the records are in list view and  I execute a popover control that has the stage checkboxe field.