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New Window Using Layout Script Step Bug in FMP16?

Question asked by wcbourdeau on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by User26051

Is there a bug in the New Window using a specific layout script step?  Here is what I'm experiencing:


I have a script ( used to print reports ) that I want to use to open a new window in Landscape orientation.  I want to pass the layout name as a variable into the script and use that variable in the New Window script step ( using layout option).  The script looks something like this.


Set Variable ($Layout; Value: Get(Script Parameter))

New Window [Style: Floating Document; Using Layout: $Layout; Height: 725 ; Width: 880)

Print Setup [Restore; With Dialog: off]

Enter Preview Mode

This script is generally the first script step called from another script that is producing a specific report.


The problem I'm experiencing is that for some users the New Window script step does not go to the Layout that was passed as a parameter instead the new window opens in the current layout from which the script was started (ie it acts as if it is ignoring the Using Layout option of the New Window script step).  However, the window itself does open.


This however is not experienced by every user.  For some users it runs correctly.  (Running with the full access option turned on for this "Open Window in Landscape Mode" script made no difference.)  When I run the script with full permissions it runs fine.  So I tested to see if this was a permissions issue.  I created a local testing account and assigned it the same permissions as the effected users and run script on the same computer.  The script ran without issue.  The only difference I can tell is that the effected users are authenticated using an external server and the local account was created in FileMaker.  Besides that everything else is the same but with the local account the new window opens and went to the correct layout and the ones authenticated on the external server had the window open but open in the currently layout and not the one with the passed parameter.


As a work around I've simply added the Go to Layout step after the New Window step in my script.  That seems to run just fine.  However, it would be nice to cut that step out as it seems like the New Window step should already be doing that.


Is this a bug in FileMaker?  Has anyone else experienced this?