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Can we improve the menu labels and breadcrumb navigation?

Question asked by Malcolm on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by beverly

The first thing that is causing me confusion is that you have two different levels of Discussions in the breadcrumbs navigation. The top level "Discussions" displays a page of Questions. The sub-level "Discussions" displays a page of Discussions. Both pages are formatted in very different ways. There is no apparent sense to this behaviour. To make matters even more confusing, one of the main navigational menus is labelled Discussions and the dropdown shows two language options.


The second thing that is causing me confusion is that the breadcrumbs always display All Places->Discussions->Discussions regardless of whether the post is a discussion or a question. It should reflect the type of post that we are looking at. I have just clicked the link to a post that is marked as a Question and the post's breadcrumb links are All Places->Discussions->Discussions. This is obviously a bug because the proper breadcrumbs are displayed when we select Documents and Videos.


Perhaps main navigational menu could be called Forums or Areas or something else that reflects that it is broader in scope? That would reduce the number of concepts labelled "Discussions" to only two.


May I suggest that the top level "Discussions" be relabelled to correspond with the labelling of the main navigational menu. If it was called "Forums" then the top-level "Discussions" might be labelled "English Language Forums" and it could contain the sub-levels "questions" and "discussions".



Malcolm Fitzgerald