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Discussion created by user2147219 on Jan 11, 2018
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Okay so I am just getting the fact that two of FileMakers salesmen lied to me about the contents of the developers subscription . I called twice before purchasing and was told both times that this subscription included filemaker16 advanced along with FileMaker 16 server for one year . I was upset to find out latter that it only provided filemaker16 concurrent connection . I other words standard filemaker16 pro but it has to be logged in to the server to work.



i needed the test server for development work but wanted filemaker16 advanced . Spent another two hours on the phone explaing things only to be told I could buy it .


Pretty bad , I have bought  FileMaker 13,14 and 15 and each time I bought it a new version came out about two months latter.


My question is dose the advanced version buy you much more than the pro version.


pretty Much upset becuse I have bought a lot of FileMaker products in the past , I even still have copies of   filemaker

3 4 and 11.