Automate Subsequent Calculations

Discussion created by cmj on Jan 11, 2018
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I have a calculation that is repeated numerous times in numerous fields. The only change in the calculation is a portion that refers to it's previous field:

e.g. Field 2 calc =

Case(RetCategory = "Tax";

(RetYr2WdAmt* (1-RetRrspTaxDeducted)) - RetYr2DepositAmt;

RetCategory = "No Tax";

RetYr2WdAmt - RetYr2DepositAmt; )


Field 3 calc =

Case(RetCategory = "Tax";

(RetYr3WdAmt* (1-RetRrspTaxDeducted)) - RetYr3DepositAmt;

RetCategory = "No Tax";

RetYr3WdAmt - RetYr3DepositAmt; )


The only difference between the calc in Field 3 vs Field 2 is the number 3.

I need to create calculations for 60 fields (in this example). Rather than using MS Word and performing find/replace, does anyone have an idea how to automate this?

The above example is simple but I do have other more detailed calcs that tend to make you cross-eyed after using Word find/replace after ten times and I have to do this for roughly 3,000 fields.