Format issue with PSoS

Discussion created by Datastudio on Jan 11, 2018
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we have following problem.


I’ve put together a sample file to test functionality. Scripts are setup for local and perform script on server (PSoS).

We need to import data from one table to another but since PSoS does not allow direct imports, we first export data to .csv files and the import them back. Only difference is that local script exports file in ~/Documents directory, server script exports to /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents directory.

Local scripts are ok, but with PSoS there are problems with date and number formats.

Data in .csv files after export is ok, decimal point is comma “,” so the number looks like “123,45”. But after import with PSoS, data in the field is “123.45” so FileMaker takes it as whole number “12345” in calculations.

If I check apply layout data format in ExportRecords then the number in .csv is “123.45” and then when it is imported back it changes to “123,45”.

This is not happening on all the systems, we have three servers with same language/format settings but on some works on others doesn’t.

It looks like that fms keeps different formats than system, is this possible?