The Short Course for non-FM developers to get started

Discussion created by heartlander on Jan 11, 2018
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Howdy. New Guy here.


I've been coding in VB, MS Access and SQL for decades. I need to deploy one of my MS Access 2016 apps on multiple platforms, so I ended up here after some research. File Maker sure looks sweet and, if it can do what I hope it can, I will be the next convert.


I really have looked around for answers before pestering you folks but there is SO MUCH FM info and much of it is years old. Forgive the noob questions which you've probably heard before but:


I need to get up to speed quickly and get an FM app built to emulate what my Access program does. Much of my program's functionality is derived from extensive VBA code. So, I am really interested in the abilities and limitations of the latest FM Script.

My app will be Local Only, no Server or Cloud. I assume that is not a problem, right? Or maybe the "server" is on the phone or laptop, along with the app?


Could you point me to the latest (FM Pro Advanced 16) Script comprehensive language reference with all the calls. functions, etc?


Is there a translation guide for moving between Access (VBA) and FM Script?


A conversion utility for the code?


Thank you for your time and advice. I'm usually the one helping newbies get their feet on the ground with Access so this is a twist, but I appreciate your help.