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FM Webviewer not refreshing the page

Question asked by on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2018 by David Julot

Hello Community.


I have build an small webpage using PHP and HTML. This page has SQL Query which updates my SQL database, because I use MYSQL database with FileMaker.


I am viewing the webpage in the webviwer in FileMaker. All works fine.


The problem when I press update button on my webpage (which is displayed in webviewer), the webpage does not refresh in webviewer. I have written code to refresh the page after update, if I run on the web, all works fine.


But if  i run the webpage using the webviewer, the update works, but the page itself does not refresh.


I have to close and re-open FileMaker. 


How I can refresh the webviewer so I don't have to close and open FM.