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Record Access Privileges denying access to Global Fields

Question asked by Daniel Farnan on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Ben

Hi folks, I've got a bit of a curly one.


I've been asked to work on a solution where the original developer set up a scripted find - the user populates global fields while in Browse mode and then the script enters Find mode, sets the appropriate fields with the data from the global fields and then executes the Find.


My task is to apply access restrictions to the records; I've decided to have the email account for the customer be the account name as well and I have applied the record access privileges to be <emailfield> = Get ( AccountName). This is appropriately restricting the access to the records, however it is preventing access to the global fields used by the scripted find and I don't know why.


While I am going to try moving the globals to another table and giving the privilege set full access to that table, can anyone explain why I'm having this trouble? My suspicion is that the global fields are treated behind the scenes as being a special record within the table and the privilege test is failing because that record has no value for the non-global fields, but that could just be me grasping at straws.