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Security Certificates and the Admin Console

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jan 12, 2018
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I did some searching before I posted this. Found one post years old, that seemed to match but no answer was posted.


I have successfully installed FileMaker Server on a windows server VM (If asked I'll look up the specs)

I have successfully installed a certificate on it. I conclude that it was successfully installed given that I get a "green padlock" indication in FIleMaker that is supposed to indicate that encryption is taking place and that the cert is recognized by the client.


But when I use the same client machine to access the admin console (from inside the LAN), Fire Fox warns me that the connection is not secure with this message:


The owner of <<internal IP address here>> has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.


The client machine has a fixed IP and working with another tech, we did define a DNS for the server if that's relevant.


So the questions here are "why does the Browser still fail to recognize the certificate?" and "What needs to be changed so that it is recognized?"