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Question asked by ericmiller on Jan 12, 2018
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I'm creating a Contact manager to keep track of Freelancers/talent.



Talent - This table holds all the talents names, and contact information

Rankings - This is a connecting table to connect Talent with the different Skills, so I can give them a rank.

Skills - These are all the different skills (Writing, Animating, Directing.


I have it setup so I can add skills through a portal to all the different talent, as well as giving them a ranking.


In the Talent list I would like to create a section maybe in the Title Header(If I can figure out why it does not show up when I'm not in Edit mode) which I can select different filters. 


I have some scripts which work like Status.  Where I created a field called StatusFilter, and have a script which will only show freelancers in the list with the selected status.


Where I get lost, and not sure how to do it is I would like to be able to use a checkbox field, and select multiple skills, so it will show anyone who has all of those skills.  For example, if I wanted to find someone who both can animate, and direct I would select both of those checkboxes and expect to only see people who have both those skills.  Or if I select 5 skills they would need to have all 5 skills to show up.


Secondly, If I also have a status selected it would also need to be considered in the filtering. And all top of all that I would also like to be able to have a search field which will search only the ones which are left after the filter.


And now I know I'm asking for to much, but I would then like to be able to sort the remaining list by first status, and then Overall performance(which is one of the fields on each Talent.


Please see attachments.  They might help explain any details I might have missed.


Thank you,