Create a record in Table X based on record info from Table Y.

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I am trying to create a script which allows the user to create to create the following;


Table "Participant"


First Name

Last Name

cFullNameLastFirst (calculation that combines names listed as last first)


Table "Transactions"


additional fields.


I am trying to have a new record created in Transactions table based on the current record selected in the participant table.


I have the following as a base to get started but am not having any luck populated the Participant


Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 11.09.42 AM.png


The to have the StampTrans::_ParticpantIDFk populate from the Participant table record associated or selected.


If Participant Table Record was


ParticipantIDfk: 0063

First Name: John

Last Name: Kennedy


The purpose of the script is to create a new record on the Stamp Transaction table based on the the participant record table.


Happy New Year and thanks as always for the insight.