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Text copied from MS Word with Track Changes can copy both old and new text

Question asked by ChadNovotny on Jan 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by beverly

FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.0.3

MS Word for Mac 16.9

macOS 10.13.2

MacBook Pro


When copying text from a Word file where Track Changes has been used, and pasting into FileMaker, under certain circumstances both the original and new text are pasted. This happens if the Track Changes feature is turned OFF while there are still open changes (not accepted or rejected).


To replicate:

Create a new Word document.

Type the line: "This is old text."

Turn on Track Changes.

Replace the world "old" with "new".

Without accepting the change, turn OFF Track Changes.

Copy the contents of the document (it should say "This is new text."

Paste into a FileMaker text field.

The text pasted will say "This is old new text."


Workarounds: Either "Accept all Changes" before copying and pasting, or leave "Track Changes" enabled while copying and pasting.