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Deployment during development options

Question asked by coherentkris on Jan 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by techt

I am at the beginning stages of migrating a system from FMS 13 to FMS 16.

There is a significant FM GO component with iPhones.

I need some suggestions to discuss with the team as I work through this evolution especially in regards to reports and data entry.



NIH study on food intake during pregnancy.

Participants get issued an iPhone with an fm go app installed to collect data ( including container data )

A sync component is built into the app.

Once issued the participants meet with the team monthly face to face.

Data is collected at the face to face meetings.


Currently we have one FM 13 server that is the sole repository for the participants data AND has a interface for the team to monitor participants progress, enter data from the monthly visits, and extract data for analysis and reports.


We are building up the FM 16 server that will eventually become the only server in the system.



Change over from the 13 iPhone app to the 16 iPhone app can not be done all at once so a it will be a significant amount of time ( one month + ) for the participants to be putting their data on the 16 server. The means that the 13 server and the 16 server must operate in parallel until the participants phone app conversion to FM GO 16 and the new server is complete.


This is not a huge deal for the participants but may be a huge deal for the team.

As soon as the first participant puts the first row of data on the 16 server data instead of the 13 server the valuable data for a single participant is now split between the servers. This discontinuity will remain until cutover is complete, the server 13 data is completely moved and merged to the 16 server and the 13 server is decommissioned. Accurate reporting about the activity of a single participant during this time will be nearly impossible.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to ease this transition for the team, minimize need double data entry to keep data in sync and retain any accurate reporting during the transition?