Portals slowing down the whole solution, found it! (bug?)

Discussion created by B.Gerkes on Jan 16, 2018
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Euforia and frustration, that was my moment last night...

Short intro: I have taking over the care for our FM solution at the company (10 employees) where our boss sadly passed away end November last year. I have been a user of Filemaker on the front end, but never did anything "under the hood" so I had to learn fast and am in no way a "pro".

Our system: FM 16 Server and 10x FMP16 + 1 FMPA16 running on Macs with OS High Sierra over a wireless network.

Around 35 files, 250 tables, 400 layouts. Filemaker does about everything here!


The problem: as soon as a portal is used on one of the layouts, the whole experience becomes "beach ball", i.e. browsing through records litteraly takes seconds up to half a minute, PER record. Editing the portal fields takes the same amount of time. And how more rows are in a portal, the slower everything gets.

One exception (in the end: thank goodness!): there is *one* layout using a portal that did *not* suffer from this.


First I looked into the fields of the bad portals, the tables they represent etc. but  could not find anything and of course I compared everything with the one portal that did not cause trouble. But nothing helped: I deleted fields until one field was left: no result. I created a NEW portal from scratch replacing the old one: no result. Turned of sorting etc. etc. It was a complete mystery to me.


Finally I took a look at the *visual appearence" of the "slowing down" portals versus the one "light speed" portal and noticed the last one was considerably smaller in size on the layout. I decided to make one of the bad portals half a wide as it was originally and behold: everything running smooth and fast again on that layout!

But even making it just *1* cm less wide did the trick! I was confused untill I realized that the layout became fast again as soon as the blue trash bins on the right side of the portal rows were NOT visible anymore!

But that still did not explain the layout with the portal that works normal since the blue trash bins were visible there too.


Then I took a closer look at those trash bins and they differ: see the two attached pics.

The first one is a screenshot (slow button) from the trash bin that slows down our layouts, the second one (fast button) is the one that comes from the portal on the layout that has no problems. They are different. I do not have enough knowledge about FM yet to explain it, but these things caused the trouble. The bad one is a "button" the working one is a "popover".

I *think* that the popover originates from an older FM version since it looks different compared to the buttons that FM16 generates when you insert a portal on a layout. But I have no clue if the popover was generated automatically in an older FM version or that my former boss created these.


However, I replaced all bad "trash bins" with the one I copied from the working layout and now the whole system is smooth and fast again!!


Any more thoughts on this? Maybe I do not understand everything correctly, but I was so happy last night that I finally found it that I had to share this