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Go to related records on Filtered Portal

Question asked by Jonathan Jeffery on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by TSGal

Product and version:  FileMaker Pro Advanced

OS and version: Mac High Sierra

Hardware: iMac late 2015


Filemaker 16 documentation for GTRR (FileMaker Pro 16 Help ) states "If you are filtering records in a portal, this script step exposes all the records, not just the filtered records."


However, I have a portal with a filter to hide the some records from showing, and I have a button which runs a script with a simple GTRR step (match this record only, show only related).


If the button is outside the portal, the GTRR step goes to all related records, including those not visible on the portal (the expected behaviour). If the same button is placed on the portal rows, the GTRR step only goes to non-filtered records.


I can change the filter calculation (e.g. show only record older than a certain date, show only records with a record number divisible by 3, etc.) and the behaviour remains the same — GTRR, when triggered from a portal row, only goes to non-filtered records.


How to replicate:

Create a filtered portal, with a GTRR button outside the portal, and a similar button on the portal row



Their are numerous workarounds to get the behaviour that I expect (i.e. ignoring portal filters). However, this is a matter of consistency.


Either the behaviour should be changed so that it ignores portal filtering (consistent with the behaviour of other portal related script steps and functions), or the product documentation (and FTS questions) should be updated to note this new behaviour.


I am not against the behaviour per se (it could be useful in some circumstances), but at the moment it's inconsistent and undocumented