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Discussion created by sandrar on Jan 17, 2018
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I hope this is the right place to post this.


I am looking for some advice and opinions on the process of learning FileMaker overall. I have a few end targets I am reaching for and would like to know the best method to get there and any recommended courses/classes or steps to take.


I am experienced with FileMaker on daily use - client version and I have taken a beginner course with Avantix Learning. I would like to get to the point where I can go into the development and scripting. I found an option that gave me the FileMaker program and an advance version with a full course guide and the certificate at the end of the program. I can't seem to find this option again. Do you happen to know what its called or have any course suggestions on how to get to the point i'm looking for?


We currently have script on script overlays that were put in place to fix/change our database. I will eventually need to clean up the backend of the database.


I appreciate any opinions you have!


Thank you