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Filemaker 16 much slower than 13?

Question asked by ncg1 on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by ncg1

I have a script which cycles through say 5 to 30 invoices which are simple text based layouts, and for each one saves it as a PDF on my desktop and then sends an email with it as an attachment using Send Mail (Send via Email Client) using Apple Mail.


It takes about 4 seconds per email now, whereas previously it was about 0.5 second per email.


The script is the same, the Mac is the same running the same up to date macOS - High Sierra.


All that is different is the FileMaker versions:


FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 and Server 16 - 4s/email


FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 and Server 12 (on a shared server) - 0.5s/email


Is this normal? What should I look at to speed this up, please?