Value list not sorting properly

Discussion created by mcmartinino on Jan 16, 2018
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My issue is that i want to sort the value list from the Products in the Orders_Line Portal of the Orders Table, not alphabetically, but according to completely custom ways. I am listing surfboards that are storted in this way.
- Surfing category
- Wave Size

- Volume

Non of this is alphabetical and obviously its 3 different fields.


And of course i need to show in the list the Model Name.


So i have created a calculation field that basically adds numbers for each sorting category and added those on front of the Model Name. See attachment.


BUT when i thought that would be easy and i could even handle the sorting code in front of it too, FM does not in fact sort this list correctly. I have no idea why 112 would not be listed before 113 or so on.


This happens if i leave or take out the "_" between the number or not.