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Question asked by ilabbe on Jan 17, 2018
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I want to create a chart that is dynamic when pulling information from a value list and contained within a certain date range. I am utilizing the Let function to create series for the information but am stuck on the calculation part of it. I also need it to count how many instances a particular value happened on a certain day within a selected time period.



This is suppose to be a date range for the data (Unsure if I entered it correctly)


TableName::DateFieldStart &".."& TableName::DateFieldEnd



Here is what I have so far in the Let ( ) for the data to be pulled and utilized in the chart:


Series Name

Let ( [~row = 1] ; GetValue ( TableName::FieldName ; ~row ) )



Let ( [ ~row = 1 ; ~item = GetValue ( TableName::FieldName ; ~row ) ; ~countday = I have no idea! ) ] ; Calculation help needed here )


I have included the screen shot to show what I am trying to do.