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report not grouping values

Question asked by jtorpy on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by techt

FM16, new Windows 10

Issue: Report not grouping and subtotaling results as expected.

Desired result: Report like this, with categories and subtotals, not just a simple list.


I'm having a real problem with reports. I've done enough FM to be dangerous, but little things come up constantly that can be frustrating. I've seen this explained a few times, but it's just not working for me. I've tried to walk through step by step below and I was hoping someone could see where I went wrong. Thanks.


Table relationships and field info



Regular computer report, include totals

Fields below with Category from the related table, and then Item and the 3 costs. Then Just the Name as a grouping, sort by category then name. (the preview when selecting categories looks right...)


Summarize for the 3 cost subtotals; same for grand totals (not shown). No header/footer info. No script.

Note that I had another with the same name. The old one has a different icon. What does that mean?

This is the edit layout result. Again, it seems right with the Name is Category name from the related Category table. Item is the individual item name. Deleting 'Name' in the body does nothing.

I see I cut it off, but the section Parts shown below are Header, then Sub-summary by tblInvCat::Name (leading), body, then same sub-summary trailing, then Trailing Grand Summary.

This is the browse result. But see ‘Breaker’ and 'Inverter' is in there multiple times? That's the problem. (Hardware only has one item)

What I want is subtotals for Breaker, then each item listed with their costs. (leading or trailing summary is fine actually, if I can get one or the other.) Where did I go wrong in the report setup? Thanks again. I hope this was all clear enough...