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Script behaving differently when run on server versus client

Question asked by smanus on Jan 18, 2018
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I'm a relative FM newbie and have developed a fairly large application for my company that processes data each night from a 3rd party POS system. I have been running locally using FM Pro Advanced for a few weeks. It's working well. Now I need to move it to a hosted server both for stability, security and multi-user access. I have just started testing the existing batch scripts that process the data nightly. I am running the server version and my existing local version in parallel. For the server version I am running scheduled scripts. For the local version I have an AppleScript that calls the FM file which autoruns the scripts. To my horror for at least one script I am getting different results between the server version and the local version. I've learned so far that global fields behave differently between the 2 versions, but that is not the source of the discrepancies. My problem is I don't know what's driving the differences. Can anyone point me in the right direction?