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Creating a Monthly and Year To Date Report with Filtered Portal Rows

Question asked by spudmw on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2018 by jbrown

Hello all,


I have to create a report that pulls data from multiple tables for (in rows):

Total Last Month, Total Same Month Last year, Total year-to-date and Total Year-To-Date Last Year. 


The information that I am gathering is (in columns):

Number Keyholders

Income from keyholder payments

Number of flatfiles rented

Income from flatfile rental

# of workshops starting that month

# of cancelled workshops

# of classes starting that month

# of cancelled classes

# of private lessons

# of field trips


I have a layout that pulls from multiple tables through filtered portals and it works.  They are all in one row with the info, I just need to know how to export all the information from the portal rows into a csv/xsl.   With the rows as listed and in the columns.  I am not sure how to do the sort by Total Last Month, Same Month last Year, etc. etc.