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Login irregularities

Question asked by paulwatts on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by paulwatts

Here goes:-

I have set up 6 x FM Pro users to access a common file on FM server.

Five users have FM Pro13 on their PCs and one has Pro15 on his PC. All are 32-bit versions.

I have both Pro13 (32-bit) and Pro14 (64-bit) on my laptop.

Opening a file (login) works fine on all PCs and on my laptop but not on the Pro15 PC.

The login irregularities are:

1.       When the Pro15 user tries to login on the Pro15 PC, with his proper login details, login fails.

2.       When the Pro15 user tries to login on the Pro15 PC, with any username and any password, but clicks on “Cancel” instead of “OK”, he gets into the file with limited permissions.

3.       When any other user tries to login on the Pro15 PC with their own login details, they get in with limited permissions.

4.       When the Pro 15 user tries to log in on a Pro 13 PC, he is successful.

We uninstalled Pro 15 and reinstalled it on the PC but this didn't fix the problem.

Does anyone understand why this is happening?

Thanks for your attention.