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Tracking Emails Sent (or relating back to a many to many relationship)

Question asked by davehenning on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by davehenning

I'm trying to track when automated emails are sent to specific people.


Data is set up as follows:


Table 1: Events

Unique ID: sysid


Table 2: Contacts

Unique ID: sysid


Table 3: Relates

Unique ID: id

Field1: mid (related to Events::sysid)

Field2: sid (related to Contacts::sysid)


These 3 tables were created by a separate application (with a SQL db) that we use and sync to FM.


Essentially it relates each Contact to an Event. (Each Contact can be on many Events, and each Event can have many Contacts.)


So if I'm looking at Event A I would that see Contacts A, B & C are linked to it.




We need to send a few emails to each contact leading up to the event. I want to keep track of this.


I tried adding a new table (Email Tracking) and relating that to the Relates ID field since that has both Event and Contact data linked to it, but it's not working as I would expect.


The portal I'm using works as far as showing each record (aka email sent) correctly but the Contact table and Event table fields that are shown are all just data from the first record. I know this usually means a relationship is not properly set up, but I can't figure it out.


Thanks in advance.