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No data in Contacts.fmp12

Question asked by sburech on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by beverly

     I am working through "Filemaker Training Series, Filmmaker 15 Basics." 

     In Lesson 3, Section , "Records," the tutorial says to "open contacts.fmp12.  In activity 3.1 (3) on page 46, it says "move three records ahead by clicking NEXT from the Status Toolbar.  The destination record is Cynthia Butler."  Item (4) says to "...move the slider to the last record.  The record should be for Steve Williams."

     My file does not contain any data.  Please advise me how I can upload a contacts.fmp12 with data.

     I am a newbee, so I hope I have posted my question properly and in the correct location.